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The Lemon Beater
Mission information
Faction Buddies
Given by Josip Idromeno
Reward Buddy history and reputation increase
Start Mike's Bar
End Mike's Bar
Other locations Mokuba
Previous Next
Fuel the Violence None

"Let the buyer beware."
— Proverb

The Lemon Beater is a buddy mission in Far Cry 2.

The mission is issued by Josip Idromeno, who says that a while ago he bought a car from a certain dealer. The car turned out to be a complete shitbox which never worked and a waste of Josip's money.

Josip had, however, discovered that the dealer had recently entered the country and was hiding in the Mokuba shantytown, apparently on the run from another angry customer. He asks the player to go to Mokuba and kill the dealer.

The dealer is in the westernmost shack on the south bank of the channel that runs through the middle of Mokuba. the structure is not exactly impregnable, and a patient sniper should have little trouble lining up a shot through a doorway. There will be a guard with an RPG on a northern vantage point in Mokuba but he probably won't spot players using this strategy.

There should be one or two guards patrolling outside the dealer's shack, so players who prefer to avoid sniping may wish to try stealth, possibly using a Silent Makarov to quietly shoot the guards in the head to avoid alerting the others. Players who wish to try this may want to kill the RPG guard with a dart rifle to prevent him from alerting the others. Alternatively, one could simply sneak within a certain distance of the shack and toss a grenade inside. By the time the dealer realizes his peril, it will be too late.

As for the escape, there is a safe house in the gully to the west of Mokuba which can make for a good close-by base. Other than that, the best route back to Mike's Bar would probably be through the valleys and past the outskirts of the Lumber Camp. Once at Mike's, all that remains is to inform Josip of the car salesman's demise.

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