The Junior Deputy is the protagonist in Far Cry 5. The Junior Deputy is the first player character in the Far Cry series that is fully customizable.

The Junior Deputy
Status: Alive
Role: Main Protagonist
Birthplace: United States
Nationality: American
Hair Color: Customizable
Eye Color: Customizable
Residence(s): Hope County, United States
Affiliation: Hope County Sheriff's Office/Department
The Resistance
Profession: Law Enforcement Officer
Rank: Sheriff's Deputy
Game: Far Cry 5
The Junior Deputy and two fellow sheriff's deputies are sent to arrest Joseph Seed, a radical preacher. Though Joseph appears to go willing when the deputies make the arrest, the situation quickly escalates when the other two deputies are kidnapped and Joseph escapes. The deputy is swept into the armed conflict between the Eden's Gate cult and the remaining Hope County residents. These include Pastor Jerome Jeffries, a Gulf War veteran and local church leader that has seen his congregation taken by Eden's Gate; Mary May Fairgrave, a bartender whose father was driven to suicide by the cult; and Nick Rye, a pilot who aims to eliminate the influence of the cult in order to build a better future for his children. The deputy must use their help, among others, to build a local resistance to put an end to Eden's Gate.

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