(FC3 The Grid) Screenshot 1

In-web screenshot

(FC3 The Grid) Screenshot 2

The Grid main menu on web site

The Grid is an online game that appears on the official Far Cry 3 Outpost website.

The Grid gives players as an opportunity to unlock new encrypted data sources to decode, even while they are away from the main game. Decoded sources can provide useful multiplayer weapon mods or additional experience points.

Connection with Uplay

To move a Data Key, fling it any of the four directions. The Data Key will keep moving until it hits a Firewall, another Data Key, or the edge of the grid.

Winning the game will give you a chance to earn encrypted data. Less moves gives you a better chance.

The Grid only has a certain amount of encrypted data available each day. If you want to maximize your daily rewards, try the harder difficulties to get better data!

Use hints if you get stuck. There's a limited number of hints available each day, so use them wisely.

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