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The Georgian is a Predecessor tape found in the Leboa-Sako region.

Description Edit

"Predecessor's tape found on corpse of Georgian informant. He was getting closer to the Jackal."

Transcript Edit

Speaker: "Dear Jackal, your Georgian friend Gurgenidze, he didn't say much-- Even when I started cutting off fingers. I realized afterwards that the oil on his PKM still had that new gun smell, so I know you're selling them. Now I've got to figure out where does one hide a hundred tons of guns during total anarchy?"

Trivia Edit

  • Thomas Gurgenidze was a character in Ubisoft's Splinter Cell franchise. He was a Georgian booking clerk for the T'Bilisi fourth police precinct, as well as an informant for CIA agents Alice Madison and Robert Blaustein and a liaison for the National Security Agency. He died in a warehouse fire after Russian Mafiosi had beat him up and set fire to the building. His article can be found here.
  • The speaker on the tape references "total anarchy". While it is heavy speculation, given the name drop of a fairly important character in the Splinter Cell game, the anarchy could refer to the Georgian Information Crisis which was the central struggle of that game. Further information can be read here.


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