The Far Cry 4 Technical looks more like Technicals cars (Small trucks with machine gun) in Iraq and Syria, almost same design. They are based on Southern Kyrat and is used by Civilists, Royal Army and Golden Path. Some may have a mounted MKG and very rarely, a mounted DShK. The ones with mounted MGs will have some side armor to protect the gunner (see the picture of the blue Golden Path technical below).

Trivia Edit

  • These Technical's are not an updated version from Far Cry 3, like the Far Cry 4 Scavenger, that is updated from the Far Cry 3 Scavenger.
  • There are 3 color types, 1. Red and is only used by Royal Army. 2. Blue and is only by Golden Path. 3. Grey with Red and Green stripes, used by Local Peoples in Kyrat.
  • The Technical are based on 1991 Isuzu Faster Pickup Truck
Far Cry 4 Technical 2
Far Cry 4 Technical

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