“A giant deer which can immediately switch from passive to aggressive.”
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Tall Elk are animals first introduced in Far Cry Primal. They are based on the real life Irish Elk , Megaloceros giganteus. The rare variant of the Tall Elk is the Rare Red Elk.

Far cry primal tall elk


Tall Elk are found all across Oros. Red Elks can be spotted sometimes among other Tall Elks. Neither is tameable or rideable.


Killing a Tall Elk will yield Tall Elk Skin, which is used to upgrade items in the Crafting menu. Killing a Rare Red Elk will yield Rare Red Elk Skin, which is used to build village huts. Tall Elk have 3 Health, and do 3 Damage. Rare Red Elk have 4 Health and do 3 Damage. Due to their health, and speed, both are rated as being very hard to hunt.


The Tall Elk is hunted in Jayma’s second mission. Its charge attack does serious damage and it takes some abuse. Pull out the spear for this one and send your beast after it. It will flee, so use Hunter Vision to pick up its trail if necessary.

Far cry primal rare red elk

A Rare Red Elk in-game.

Watch out as it switches between passive and aggressive very quickly. The Rare Red Elk is the rare version of the Tall Elk, and is required for Roshani’s hut.


  • Although the species is commonly referred to as the Irish Elk, Megaloceros giganteus was present throughout Eurasia and Northern Africa during the Pleistocene.
  • Apparently there's only male tall elk in the game since all of them have antlers, although you can find carcasses of females in some missions.
  • They are the second-fastest animals in Oros; only the Sabretooth is faster.
Tall Elk only have 2 natural predators in all of Oros. Sabertooths and Cave Bears. These carnivores are the only ones able to kill them through scripted animations. Other predators like Cave lions and Wolf packs will attack them. But the massive deer is usually able to fend them off.