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Swamp Boat
Seats 1 + Gunner
Weaponry Machine Gun (M249/M2) or
Grenade Launcher (Mk 19)
Speed Fast
Armour Factor Low
The  Far Cry 2  Vehicles
Cars Car · Buggy
SUVs Jeep Liberty · Jeep Wrangler
Trucks Assault Truck · Cargo Truck
Boats Swamp Boat · Fishing Boat
Air Vehicles Hang Glider

The Swamp Boat is a vehicle that appears in Far Cry 2.

The Swamp Boat is a propeller-driven airboat that is reasonably maneuverable, allowing for quick strikes on the enemy - though the player is exposed and can easily be shot. The Swamp Boat is often used by mercenaries on the rivers and lakes.

While piloting the boat, it should be noted that equipping the map will obscure the lower half of the player's view.

Multiplayer Edit

Considering the fact that the swamp boat is extremely fast and maneuverable, it can be used to quickly transport diamonds in Capture the Diamond. While still nimble, the swamp boat can be equipped with the devastating Mk 19. However, most maps that feature boats feature the normal version with a machine gun.

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