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Wildlife: Tiger

"As if Asian black bears, leopards and Dr. Earnhardt aren’t enough, Rook Island is also home to Sumatran Tigers. These powerful felines have big appetites and are arguably the most dangerous predators on the island, excepting Buck, of course, who has an entirely different kind of appetite.."
— Survival Guide

Sumatran Tigers are predatory animals found on the Rook Islands of Far Cry 3. Their skin can be used when crafting items.

They are one of the most dangerous land animals in the entire game, and can take a large amount of ammunition to bring down. They are exceptionally fast and unlike most enemies they can be difficult to detect prior to running into them. Full automatic weapons and shotguns are the best weapons to use against them.

While dangerous, using rocks to lure them into enemy fortifications can cause all sorts of chaos, and they will most likely take several pirates or privateers with them before being killed off.

Fc3 tiger

Almost biting Jason's hand off

In the Path of the Hunter mission you have to kill a rare Golden Tiger with a bow. The Golden Tiger can take more damage and also does more damage. Its skin is needed to make the final Ammo Pouch.

Tigers can be found in multiple locations across Rook Island. Though there are specific spots marked on the map indicating habitats for tigers, it is common to find them hunting in herbivore areas (particularly Buffaloes).


  • The tiger's entry in the handbook identifies it as a Sumatran Tiger, a critically endangered species of tiger native to the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It is not known how Sumatran Tigers came to be on the Rook Islands though they may have originally been introduced as a conservation effort. It is also possible that the pirates smuggled the animals into the Rook Islands and the Tigers escaped and began breeding.
  • In areas where there are buffaloes, it is likely that at least one tiger is also prowling in the area.
  • In the game, one way to escape a tiger is to jump into water and swim away. In real life, tigers are strong swimmers, and are often found bathing in ponds, lakes and rivers. They are able to cross rivers up to 6 to 7 km (3.7 to 4.3 mi) across and can swim a distance of up to 29 km (18 mi) in a day. During the extreme heat of the day, they often cool off in pools. They are also able to capture and carry prey in the water.
  • A single tiger can clear an entire outpost of pirates or privateers, and can even kill the Rakyat warriors that come to secure it afterwards.
  • In the game, when Sumatran Tigers and leopards approach to their prey, they roar and then charge at them. That would be a terrible strategy for hunting since it would scare off the prey and that they need to hunt stealthily to survive. This was later fixed in Far Cry 4, where the cats actually stalk their prey until they are close enough to pounce, which is much more realistic.

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