Sukhwinder is one of the characters that appears in Far Cry 4's DLCs, Escape from Durgesh Prison and Valley of the Yetis.

Escape From Durgesh and Valley of the Yetis Edit

He is the pilot sent by the Golden Path to rescue Ajay in North Kyrat the events of DLC Escape from Prison Durgesh and after that it takes Ajay to the Valley of the Yetis. Upon arriving in the Valley he ends up falling to the helicopter and is captured by The Awakened Ones. Ajay gets to go after him to rescue him but both are caught and taken to a cave where he is killed by a Yeti.

Trivia Edit

  • When Ajay will investigate the place where it was at the beginning of DLC Valley of the Yetis, you can see that he was having to dress warmly, with a blanket and cigarettes thrown to the ground.
  • The player can not kill him in the DLC Escape from Durgesh because the bullet did not cross the glass.
  • If the player is in Coop, when Ajay and Hurk are trying to untie Sukhwinder, Sandesh will not knock them but he will blow a elixir bomb and the three will faint.

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