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Star .45
FC2 star45
Damage Medium
Magazine Size 8
Maximum Ammunition 40 + 8 rounds
Price 6 Diamond Diamonds
Reliability upgrade 2 Diamond Diamonds
Accuracy upgrade 2 Diamond Diamonds
Ammunition upgrade 7 Diamond Diamonds
Star .45
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The Star .45 is a sidearm in Far Cry 2. It is available at the beginning of the game or after completing the first convoy mission of Act I.

It appears in the hands of enemies after the first faction mission of Act I right until after the first faction mission of Act II, where it is replaced by the Eagle .50.

In fact, it is the most abundant weapon in the game, and is available before the Makarov. As such, it is the first usable firearm in the game. A Star .45 is (re)acquired after the Jackal's speech in the hotel Pala and when you wake up with one of the warlord's lieutenants after you escape Pala.


Based on the famous Colt M1911, the Star .45 is a .45 calibre pistol designed by the company 'Bonifacio Echeverria S.A.' under the trademark STAR in Spain. The Star .45 has seen service with the Spanish army until the 1980s. The 9mm variant is still the official Sidearm of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) to this day.


This weapon is ideal for those that need a powerful secondary weapon, yet cannot obtain or afford a MAC-10, Uzi or Eagle .50. However, it is less accurate than the Makarov. Its power makes it a better close-quarters weapon than the Makarov, but requires frequent reloading; it is very easy to use up its small magazine, and also has more recoil, requiring greater care when making follow up shots. Much like the Makarov and its silenced counterpart the Silent Makarov 6P9, it can kill enemies with a well-placed headshot.

It is very durable for a sidearm, especially with the Reliability Upgrade, so it is recommended for long trips.


  • In multiplayer mode, the Star .45 is the default secondary weapon for the commando class. For balancing reasons, the Star .45 has a much slower fire rate in multiplayer mode.
  • Sometimes after being rescued by a buddy, you will be given a perfect condition Star .45. 
  • The only time the gun is ever cocked is during its idle animation.  
  • The weapon appears to have a right-handed reciever and a modified left-handed slide.

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