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The Snow Leopard is a new predator introduced in Far Cry 4. It is a mid-sized large cat and a deadly hunter that stalks its prey the same way as it would in real life. It can be encountered stalking and hunting many of Kyrat's other wildlife. It is found in the North of Kyrat but it can also be encountered in the South. It can be hunted in mountainous areas during quests.

Its behaviour and stats are identical to those of the Clouded Leopard.

Far Cry Primal Edit

Snow Leopards return as tameable predators in Far Cry Primal, and they are mainly found in the northern regions of Oros. With 3 Strength, 4 Speed, and 4 Stealth, they are among the fastest and stealthiest animals, and a tamed Snow Leopard can tag nearby animals and enemies within a small radius. They are stronger and more aggressive than the jaguars. Snow Leopards are rated hard to hunt.


  • Interesting, in real-life Snow Leopards very rarely attack humans. During the twentieth century there were only two reported and confirmed cases of Snow Leopard attacks on humans. In these cases one animal was rabid and the other only attacked when a hiker literally stepped on its head. In comparison, common leopards had over one hundred confirmed fatal attacks on humans during the same period. In game, however, they are just as aggressive and confrontational as any other predator.
  • Despite their name, snow leopards are actually more closely related to tigers than leopards.
  • In game Snow Leopards make cougar-like sounds, but they can actually growl like other members of the genus Panthera. On the other hand, they can't roar like the rest of the Panthera genus. Instead, they make long and powerful meows as a territorial call.
  • Though common leopards have been featured in earlier Far Cry games, this is the first appearance of the rare and elusive Snow Leopard.
  • There is a rare attack animation with the Snow Leopard where the person attacked will shake the leopard off, but the leopard will turn and pounce back.