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Wildlife: Snake

"There are few creatures Rook Island natives despise more than snakes. They are considered unclean and eating them is taboo. Rook Island snake venom was used by the CIA in the 1950s to extract secrets from Russian scientists and also as a good alternative to vermouth in martinis."
— Survival Guide

Snakes are animals found in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4.

They can usually be found lying coiled in various areas such as at the bottom of Radio Towers, among the trees or inside huts, houses and temple. Their presence is revealed by angry hissing, but they are often difficult to locate. When a threat comes too close, the snakes will lunge and bite, with seemingly no ill effects. In Far Cry 4 snakes can be found in climbing areas too.
Snake in fc4

A snake lying in the grass in Far Cry 4


  • There are many different species of snake on the Rook Islands. Some are green while others are brown or blue with dark stripes and a reddish head. Besides those colour patterns, there are no differences between the animals.
  • In the handbook entry for snakes, it is said that they are one of the less appreciated animals that make the Rook Islands their home, and that their venom has been used for decades for various purposes. Surprisingly, when bitten, Jason does not seem to suffer any form of venomous effects.
  • In Far Cry 4, snakes are able to attack the player just like in Far Cry 3; they attack and bite the player in the arm. But unlike the snakes in Far Cry 3, the snakes in Far Cry 4 poison the player by taking health for a few seconds.
  • In Far Cry 4 Editor, the Snake is not included as an animal unless using Map Editor mods.
  • A glitch can be encountered, if you try run over a snake with a vehilce, you will automagically glitch out of the vehicle and then gets bitten by the snake, the car however will run few meters, either crashing or stops.


Far Cry 3 - Snake Attack00:27

Far Cry 3 - Snake Attack

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