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Sky-Tiger on Medium difficulty with stock assault rifle03:13

Sky-Tiger on Medium difficulty with stock assault rifle

The Sky Tiger is a rare Bengal Tiger that can be found in Kyrat on the Kyrat Fashion Week Quest in Barnali's Textiles (coordinates: 444, 689) in Far Cry 4. She must be killed with an assault rifle. Consider taking a signature weapon such as the Trooper, Warrior or Bushman to increase your chance of avoiding death. However, although not an assault rifle, the .700 Nitro is a usable weapon for this quest. Sky-Tiger has high health and damage, as do most rare animals.

Note that in addition to Sky Tiger, 3-4 other tigers will be present in the area. One may use a lure to attract the animal safely. Approach with caution, make sure you have lots of syringes available and a lot of ammunition. Health syringes are particularly vital as the tiger has a high damage output. Or one can simply use the .700 Nitro and one-shot all the tigers including the rare Sky Tiger


A special white tiger can also be found in Shangri-La as the guardian of the Shangri-La and ally of Kalinag.

The white tiger can turn invisible and can only be spotted when the tiger attacks, only in Shangri-La.

The white tiger in Shangri-La is first seen in the first part of the Shangri-La myth.

The white tiger will help Kalinag (The player) through Shangri-La. The tiger has the ability to become invisible except when the attacking demons. If the tiger is killed, it will return after a while. Kalinag may order the tiger attacking demons so it can help the player in combat.

Outside of Shangri-La, the white tiger appears in the mission Payback as an enemy, which is also a hallucination to Ajay much like Kalinag in the same mission. The tiger will chase Ajay around the area as he fights the hallucination of Kalinag and keep attacking him. The tiger can temporarily disappear if it gets hit by one arrow, giving the player one less enemy to worry about for a short time before it spawns in again.


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