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Sky-Tiger on Medium difficulty with stock assault rifle03:13

Sky-Tiger on Medium difficulty with stock assault rifle

The Sky Tiger is a rare Bengal Tiger that can be found in Kyrat on the Kyrat Fashion Week Quest in Barnali's Textiles (coordinates: 444, 689) in Far Cry 4. She must be killed with an assault rifle. Consider taking a signature weapon such as the Trooper, Warrior or Bushman to increase your chance of avoiding death. Sky-Tiger has high health and damage, as do most rare animals.

Note that in addition to Sky Tiger, 3-4 other tigers will be present in the area. One may use a lure to attract the animal safely. Approach with caution, make sure you have lots of syringes available and a lot of ammunition. Health syringes are particularly vital as the tiger has a high damage output.


A special white tiger can also be found in Shangri-La as the guardian of the Shangri-La and ally of Kalinag.

The white tiger can turn invisible and can only be spotted when the tiger attacks, only in Shangri-La.

The white tiger in Shangri-La is first seen in the first part of the Shangri-La myth.

The white tiger will help Kalinag (The player) through Shangri-La. The tiger has the ability to become invisible except when the attacking demons. If the tiger is killed, it will return after a while. Kalinag may order the tiger attacking demons so it can help the player in combat.

Far Cry® 4 20141208160935

The special white tiger in Shangri-La after coming back from the dead.

Far Cry® 4 20141208160759

The Special white tiger seen for the first time in Shangri-La with a knife in its body.

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