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Sky Burial is a location within Kyrat in Far Cry 4.

It's located on the northern part of Kyrat, on the east half (controlled by Pagan's Fortress, Rajgad Gulag ).Besides a BZ19 , an RPG-7 , a medkit, heavy ammo and a crate, a Mask Of Yalung  can be found there, so visiting it is necessary for the 100% score, however, due to its altitude it cannot be accessed via a Buzzer, it's only possible on foot (start from the south-west peek of the mountain) through climable ledges and grapples, or, after completing all of Shangri-La 's mission, you can visit the Ghale Homestead , inside you can find in the kitchen (left after you go through the door) a pipe, by interacting with it, Ajay will faint and wake to find himself in Sky Burial.

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