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The Skorpion (officially Škorpion vz. 61) is a sub-machine gun featured in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 3Edit


(FC3) Skorpion Icon

FC3 cutout smg vz61
Category SMG
Price $425
Ammunition SMG Rounds
Magazine size 24
Maximum ammo 240
Attachment slots 1
Supported attachments Sound Suppressor
Extended Magazine
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"This small machine pistol rapidly fires low calibre rounds with minimal recoil. It can be also used while on a zipline."
— in-game handbook
"The Czechs make great puppets, pornography, and this sub machinegun, which has been helping Eastern European gangsters practice the fine art of “spray and pray” since the summer of love. Most of the VZ61s found on Rook Island were purchased from a Libyan arms dealer second-hand, meaning you trade two hands, you get a gun. Don't ask me what he does with the extra hands."
— Survival Guide

This low-calibre machine pistol is an effective weapon for a new player. Its low cost makes it effective with a sound suppressor for stealth missions and it may be useful for players later in the game being the only SMG that can be fired while on a Zipline - although the number of times when the player is faced with enemies while riding a Zipline is minuscule and doubtfully justifies carrying around the weakest SMG. The Skorpion is unlocked for free use after deactivating 2 Radio Towers.


The Skorpion is a great SMG for how early it is unlocked. It has decent damage, fire rate, and magazine size. However it should be noted that unlike the sub-machine guns like the A2000, that this weapon is treated like a machine pistol in-game. Because of this, it should not be used outside of close range.


The Skorpion could be modified with one of two available attachments. Skorpion can have only one attachment applied at once.

Icon Attachment Price
(FC3) Attachment Sound Suppressor

Sound Suppressor Attaching a suppressor to a weapon makes it virtually silent. Ideal for situations that require stealth.

(FC3) Attachment Extended Magazine

Extended Magazine A high-capacity magazine that increases the amount of ammunition a weapon holds.


Paint JobsEdit

The look of Skorpion could be customized with one of six available paint schemes. Each scheme costs $200 and does not affect weapon performance.


  • With low damage, range and accuracy, this weapon is best used for close combat or as a panic weapon. The Skorpion quickly loses to higher grade firearms as they become available.
  • The Skorpion is the only automatic weapon that can be used on a zipline.
  • Its rate of fire is viciously high, so extended magazines are highly advisable.


Far Cry 4Edit

Category Submachine Gun
Magazine size 24 (Regular)

The Skorpion makes a returning appearance in Far Cry 4. It is unlocked at the first store. With the inclusion of the ability to use sidearms from vehicles it becomes one of the better sidearms in the early game, though outside of this role it is rather mediocre. Furthermore it is considerably less useful than it's Far Cry 3 incarnation as you cannot equip it with a supressor.

Signature VersionEdit

The Stinger is the signature version of the Skorpion. It is unlocked after destroying 2 Pagan's Wrath convoys. The Stinger sports an extended magazine, optical sight, and sound suppressor. This makes it a great weapon for quickly ambushing targets at close range while remaining hidden without having to sacrifice a non-sidearm slot. However, it is still outclassed by the A99 later in the game.


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Far Cry 5Edit

The Skorpion makes another appearance in Far Cry 5. It appears in the "Friend For Hire" trailer for the game, where it is being wielded by a player as they go down a Zipline.


Far Cry 3Edit

  • It's also one the three unusable SMGs for the AI in the game, the other two being the MP5 and Vector .45 ACP.