Skinning is a new mechanic introduced into Far Cry 3. It is used to obtain animal skins in order to craft or to sell.


Skinning in Far Cry 3 let's the player obtain a certain skin from an animal. Once obtained, the player may use it for crafting or sell it in the store for money. Skins form animals that can be easily killed, such as a Goat, will sell for a smaller value while larger animals, such as a Bull Shark, will sell for more. The rare animal skin however, can only be used for crafting. Except for the Albino Crocodile, which can only be sold.


  • Even though it is called Animal skin, it is actually animal meat, as no skin is visible when it is placed in the bag.
  • Jason will usually make a disgusted comment when putting the animal meat in his bag, like "disgusting" or "ugh".
  • A splatter of blood is seen on the animal after it is skinned, usually on its stomach.
  • When Jason skins, he stabs way too deep which would spoil the meat.

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