When players kill enemies , complete activities , objective , main or side quests they earn experience points (XP). When XP meter reaches max players earn skill points, by investing skill points players can unlock new abilities or improve their current skills . The skill tree are divided into two categories The Elephant and The Tiger .

The Elephant Edit

The Elephant section contains defensive abilities required for survival , by upgrading it players can improve Ajay's tolerance against physical attacks , improve health regenerating capacity and improve syringes maximum potency . The following are the skills of elephant :

Capable Strength

  • TBA – Gain an additional health slot, for 3 in total.

Forceful Strength

  • TBA – Gain an additional health slot, for 4 in total.

Dominant Strength

  • Complete the mission “A Key to the North” – Gain an additional health slot, for 5 in total.

Unyielding Strength

  • Complete the mission “Payback” – Gain an additional health slot, for 6 in total.

Healing Syringe Level 2

  • TBA – Healing Syringes will restore 4 slots of health.

Healing Syringe Level 3

  • Craft 3x Syringes – Healing syringes will restore 6 slots of health.

Improvised Surgery

  • Complete 1x Armed Escort Quest – When you run out of healing syringes hold /_\ to manually heal 2 health slots.

Inner Strength

  • TBA – Partially drained health bars will regenerate much faster.

Gadget Training

  • TBA – The speed of the repair tool is greatly increased. The camera will show collectibles and let you set a waypoint to them.

Trade Agreement

  • Cost 1 – You can buy fire arrows, explosive arrows and sticky explosive upgrades atTRADING POSTS.

Overdose Syringe

  • Complete 1x Kryat Fashion Week Quest – This syringe lets you deal double damage, but also receive double damage. Lasts 30 secs.

Karma Boosts

  • Buy 1x Upgrade from Ghale Homestead – Keep learning this skill to add +5 percent boosts to your karma reward.

Duration Boosts

  • Complete 1x Yogi & Reggie Quest – Keep learning this skill to add +5 seconds to the syringe. 0 to 10

Hunting Syringe

  • Cost 1 – This syringe highlights animals and enemies. Lasts 30 secs.

Hunting Syringe Level 2

  • Complete the mission Truth & Justice – In addition to the default effects, the syringe also makes you virtually silent when moving and animals would not attack or flee from you unless provoked.


  • Cost 1 – You are skillful enough to take twice as many leaves from each plant you harvest.

Rhino Skin

  • Cost 1 – You take reduced damage from fire and explosions.

Survival Syringe

  • Cost 1 – Craft a syringe to reduce physical (melee) damage and the chance of being knocked down by the enemy. Lasts 30 secs.

Survival Syringe Level 2

  • Purchase 1x Signature Weapon – In addition to the default effects, you now also take reduced damage from weapons fire.

Focus Syringe Level 2

  • Complete the Mission Radio Free Kyrat – Craft a syringe to run and swim faster and breathe under water longer. Lasts 30 secs.

Elephant Rider

  • TBA

The Tiger Edit

The Tiger section contains offensive abilities required for combat , by upgrading it players can execute enemies from all possible locations , improve their stealth efficiency and perfect their skills with weapons. The following are the skill of tiger :

Knife Throw Takedown

  • Cost – 2 Point
  • Initiate a takedown on an enemy with F, Then press [Left Click] to throw knife at another.

Death From Below

  • Cost – 1 Point
  • Press F below one or two enemies on climbing ledges to take them down.

Death From Above

  • Cost – 1 Point
  • Jump or fall onto an enemy below you for a deadly takedown, if you have the Chain Takedown skill, you can chain this kill into more takedowns.

Cover Takedown

  • Cost – Complete 1x Eye For An Eye Quest
  • When hiding behind cover, press F to silently dispatch an enemy.

Grenade Takedown

  • Cost – Complete 1x Bomb Defusing Quest
  • Initiate a takedown on an enemy, then press [Middle-Mouse-Button] to use their grenade against them.

Chain Takedown

  • Cost – Defeat 1x Retaliation Party
  • Takedown multiple enemies in sequence: initiate a takedown with F, then use movement keys as prompted.

Vehicle Takedown

  • Cost – Complete 1x Kyrati Films: Racing Quest
  • Pull alongside an enemy vehicle and press F to kill the driver and front passenger.

Handgun Takedown

  • Cost – 2 Points
  • Initiate a take down an enemy with F, then press [Right-Click] to take his gun, and shoot the others.

Drag Takedown

  • Cost – 1 Point
  • Immediately after a takedown, hold F to grab and move the body.

Loot Takedown

  • Cost – 2 Points
  • Automatically loot an enemy while performing any takedown.

Heavy Takedown

  • Cost – Destroy 1x Pagan’s Wrath convoy
  • Press F to perform a takedown on heave gunners or heavy flame units.

Bullet Sponge

  • Cost – Get 3 regular take down kills
  • Body armor is much more effective at absorbing damage.

Ammo Wrangler

  • Cost – Complete 1x Longinus Quest
  • The reload speed for all weapons is greatly increased.

Stay On Target

  • Cost – 1 Point
  • Handguns and snipers can now be reloaded while aiming.

At the Ready

  • Cost – 1 Point
  • Switching weapons and aiming with [Right-Click] is now much faster.

Running Reload

  • Cost – 2 Points
  • Press R to reload an weapon while sprinting.

Moving Target

  • Cost – 1 Point
  • Aim and fire a side arm while moving a body.

Casual Marksman

  • Cost – 2 Points
  • Weapon accuracy for most weapons when shooting from the hip is greatly improved.


  • Cost – Ring 2 Bells of Enlightenment in Shangri-La
  • When aiming a bow, sway is greatly reduced.

Breath Control

  • Cost – Complete 2x Hostage Rescue Quests
  • Greatly increase your time spend underwater, using oxygen masks, or steading sniper scopes.

Non Stop

  • Cost – Reach Karma Level 2
  • Sprint forever with [Home-Button], you also move faster when crouched.

Soft Landing

  • Cost – Liberate 2 Outposts Without Being Detected
  • You take reduced falling damage.

Moving Mountains

  • Cost – 1 Point
  • The bodies of heavy gunners or flame units can now be mover with F.

Focused Driving

  • Cost – 1 Point
  • Vehicles can take more damage before needing repairs.

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