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The MP5SD is a suppressed sub-machine gun designed by H&K in the 1970s. It is still used by many police and special forces in the world, and has a possible successor in the MP7.

Far CryEdit

Silent MP5
Mp5 1
Damage 11
Magazine Size 30
Maximum Ammunition 300
Reload Time 2.6 sec
Fire Mode Automatic and semi-automatic
Ammunition SMG
Used by Scout, Cloaked Trigen, Commander

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The MP5SD is one of two sub-machine guns in Far Cry. It is first found in the end part of the level Fort (inside a small bunker below fort). It can be fired in semi-automatic or fully-automatic modes, but the spread of fire when firing fully automatically makes the mode useless in anything other than close range combat.

Compared to the other sub-machine gun, the P90, the MP5 fire rate is lower, has a smaller magazine, and is somewhat less accurate for sustained fire. Besides being suppressed, its strength is in its better zoomed accuracy in single shot mode, which works in its favour when used by a stealth player for precision headshots on an unsuspecting human victim. It takes only two precise headshots to drop an unaware and unhelmeted human mercenary, and the MP5 can easily deliver those shots within a fraction of a second in single shot mode as long as the player's aim is on target.

To the average FPS player, the MP5 appears to be a decent weapon when you are only facing Mercenaries at the start of the game. It allows you to take out enemies without giving away your position, which makes it much easier to take out groups of enemies that have superior weaponry. However, make sure to move soon after you kill your target so that enemies will not spot you.

On the other hand, skilled players able to utilize stealth effectively in Far Cry's outdoor maps will be able to apply the MP5 to its fullest potential in taking out human targets quickly and silently. A competent stealth player hidden in heavy forage can easily wipe out a squad of mercenaries without giving their position away or exposing themselves to danger, spending only a handful of rounds per mercenary through precision headshots.

Its low damage potential makes it relatively ineffective against Trigens, especially compared to the P90. In Trigen-dominated maps, stealth does not work as well as in human dominated maps, and thus the MP5 should be discarded in favour of the P90 for greater firepower.


  • The cover art depicts Jack Carver wielding a standard MP5 with a scope. However, this is not seen in the game.

Far Cry ClassicEdit

In Far Cry Classic, the MP5 has been given a new model. It is no longer a specialized MP5SD with an integral suppressor, but rather a standard MP5 with a suppressor attached. Like all non-scoped weapons in Far Cry Classic, it is now possible to use the weapon's iron sights for more accurate shooting.

Trivia Edit

  • Judging by the trigger group (safe-semi-auto) and collapsible stock, the MP5SD in Far Cry is the MP5SD3 variant.
  • Though in the game they share the same ammunition, in real-life the MP5 and P90 fire very different calibres, 9x19mm and 5.7x28mm, respectively.

Far Cry 2 Edit

Silent MP5
Farcry2 mp5sd
Damage Low
Magazine Size 30
Maximum Ammunition 30+90 or 30+120 with assault webbing upgrade
Price 20 Diamond
Reliability upgrade 5 Diamond
Accuracy upgrade 5 Diamond
Ammunition upgrade 10 Diamond
Silent MP-5
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In Far Cry 2, the Silent MP-5 is available after having finished the third convoy mission in Act 1 or after you start Act 2. As with the Far Cry variant, make sure to move around soon after you kill a target so that enemies will not spot you. The Silent MP-5 is classified as an assault rifle in the game, and will use assault rifle ammunition, although in the real world it is actually an SMG and should not be able to fire ammunition issued for rifles.


The MP5 has average reliability. Feel free to take it for long trips, but expect it to be rusted up near the end of your trip. It is recommended to grab a fresh one at a Weapon Shop's armoury when planning for a long trip. It is also recommended that you get the assault webbing upgrade, as the MP5's low damage causes it to consume ammunition relatively quickly. You will definitely notice enemies sustaining many more hits compared to other assault rifles. This can be countered by aiming for headshots, as the MP5 will still be able to kill any enemy with a single hit to the head.

When planning to take out enemies silently, remember that enemies cry out loud when they are hit, even if you are using silent weapons. This will alert nearby enemies to your presence, even if your exact location is not disclosed. Therefore, it is best to aim for the head (which also gives you an instant kill).

Even if you are not playing stealthily, the MP5's high rate of fire, low recoil, complete lack of muzzle flash, and good iron sights make the weapon quite effective.


  • Despite being chambered in the same round as the Uzi, it does not share ammunition.
  • The MP5SD is one of the few weapons not to be used by any of the enemies encountered.
  • The MP5 has a notch that allows you to lock the bolt rearwards in order to insert magazines more easily. However, the player does not use this in-game.