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Silenced Shotgun
Damage Medium-low (depending on how many pellets connect)
Magazine Size 6
Maximum Ammunition 54
66 (with bandolier)
Price none
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The Silenced Shotgun is a pump action shotgun with a silencer attached. It is exclusive to the Fortunes Pack DLC.

Background Edit

Suppressed shotguns are rare amongst conventional weaponry of the modern era. They are used to provide stealth and close range lethality, providing a relatively quiet yet powerful blow to the adversary. They are most often wielded by special forces or enthusiasts.

Characteristics Edit

The silenced shotgun shares most of its statistics with the Homeland 37. It is durable, accurate and effective up to medium ranges — depending on where the pellets will fly and hit. However, it differs from the homeland 37 in damage in which it's rather weak in very close range encounters.

It houses pistol-type iron sights mounted on top of the silencer, meaning they are considerably smaller in comparison to the other shotguns in the game.

Tips and Uses Edit

Due to its suppressed nature, it can be used to eliminate threats silently while sneaking into a base, attacking a controlled Safehouse, or clearing out checkpoints by picking enemies off without raising alarm.

As it has considerably small iron sights coupled with lower damage compared to the Homeland 37; it is advised not to engage enemies point-blank or in otherwise extreme close range; It is more effective to engage targets at medium range instead.

During situations when one wants a certain level of stealthiness, players should aim the shotgun at the shoulders, as the pellets' tight spread coupled with the medium range of the shotgun can kill the target with one shot without the guard shouting since some of the pellets will hit the head.

Despite the low rate of fire, some players may prefer to use the Silenced Shotgun over the silenced MP5 due to its higher damage and can instantly kill most enemies in one hit if given the right distance. Overall, this is understandable as the MP5 inflicts too little damage, its recoil tends to "build up" if fired for too long, and often does not excel well against groups of enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • The tactical slots for holding shells on the side of the weapon have no effect in game at all.
  • Judging from its size, it should only hold 4 shells rather than 6. This is further evidenced by the 4 holding shells.
  • It bears a striking resemblance to Anton Chigurh's silenced shotgun from No Country For Old Men.
  • The Silenced Shotgun is probably a modified Mossberg 500.
  • The Homeland 37's jam animation was reused for this shotgun.

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