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Shwasana 1
Region Leboa-Sako
Missions involved in Burn the Water

Assassination mission

Cop Killer


Shwasana is a location in Leboa-Sako It is located in the northern sector of the Leboa-Sako District.

This is also the place where the first assassination target is located. There are some good sniping spots which can help a lot when doing the assassination. There are 3 diamonds to find here.

During a mission given by a faction, the player can subvert it. Then the buddy asks the player to come here and obtain some important documents from the brother of the Police Chief.

This is also the place of a Buddy mission where you have to go to the village and destroy the fuel pile in one of the shacks when the people running the gas station steals the Mercenaries' money to help the factions.

History (speculation)Edit

Before the war, Shwasana used to be a prosperous fishing village with docks, housing, roads, shops, restaurants, and a gas station. The police chief and his family grew up in Shwasana but he moved to the eastern sector of Leboa-Sako to run police operations to support himself and his family. During the war, the prosperous village now turned into a base for the UFLL and the family of the police chief is being protected since they support the UFLL's cause. Crime and looting is now rampant in the town with money being the most stolen product.

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