The "Shredder" is the signature version of the Kriss Vector. It is a stealth-optimized build, focused towards delivering a high rate of fire (ROF) onto an opponent, with low-damage rounds for a knockback effect before the kill. Effective at close range, the Shredder begins to lose combat effectiveness at extended distance, even though it sports an optical sight: the highest non-magnified sight available.

Primary Role Edit

Category 2-Handed SMG
Price K375,000
Attachment slots 0
Supported attachments 0
The primary role of the Shredder is as a stealth weapon for covert assassinations & takedowns. Incorporated into the game is the real-world attribute of the Kriss Vector, the recoil mitigation caused from the dropping bolt. This allows the Shredder to put several rounds effectively on target at a medium range before the target has sufficient time to take cover.

Secondary Role Edit

The Shredder can be utilized as an open-combat weapon, although using it as such is ill-advised: while being able to place shots on target with a high frequency, it does remarkably low damage.

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