FC4 IconShoot the Messenger is a mission in Far Cry 4. In the mission, Ajay Ghale receives an order from the Golden Path to kill Noore Najjar. He must get into Shanath unseen and cause confusion there, to kill all of Noore's guards, and finally decide whether she lives or dies.


Ajay Ghale goes to a small Golden Path encampment, where Amita and Sabal and arguing about the events of the previous mission. Eventually, one of them will tell the player to go to Shanath Arena and kill Noore. Ajay disagrees, saying that she was only trying to protect her family, and that he will decide what happens to her. Ajay must then go to Shanath. Upon getting there, he finds the entrance blocked by a large crowd of spectators. However, Ajay utilises his Grapple to locate and reach a secret entrance, through what appears to be an Air Conditioning duct. Once inside, he must crawl through some small tunnels and storage rooms. He soon reaches the Arena's Control Room. There, he must create some form of chaos by releasing various dangerous animals, therefore killing all of the Royal Army contestants. Upon all contestants being killed, Noore will come over on the radio to say that someone is sabotaging the event. This prompts roughly 10 soldiers to attack the control room. Once Ajay dispatches the soldiers, he continues through the corridors to get to Noore. Once he reaches her, a cutscene begins, showing him aiming his sidearm at the back of her head. At this point, the cutscene briefly ends, allowing the player to shoot her and complete the mission. Alternatively, you can hold your fire. This causes the cutscene to resume, showing Ajay going up behind Noore. Noore asks Ajay about the safety of her family, to which Ajay offers his sympathy. However, this simply angers Noore, at which point she says that she has made 'these people', meaning the frequent spectators at the Arena, hungry for blood. She turns around and shouts to them that that is what they all wanted. She takes Ajay's Kukri and cuts her arm, letting the blood flow into the Arena. She then tells Ajay that she is free, at which point she leans backwards any falls into the Arena, killing her. Ajay then looks over the edge at her corpse, which is already being ripped at by a bear and wolves.

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