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Senin is a minor character in Far Cry 3, involved in the side mission "Love Eternal". He was married to Rohana's unnamed daughter, who Rohana claims Senin abused. Although he was not directly responsible for her death, Rohana claimed that her daughter "died of heartbreak" and blamed Senin for it. After her death, she was buried in a crude grave on a cliff on the southwest of Rook Island, and Senin planned to dig up the grave and take back the wedding ring he gave her, justifying it by saying that whatever his wife had had, he now inherited through marriage. In response, a grieving Rohana hired Jason Brody to intimidate Senin and keep him from digging up the grave. Jason did as she asked, first asking him politely to forget his plan, and then firing a gun at Senin's feet, terrifying him into surrendering, and promising he would leave the grave alone. Jason left Senin alive and returned to a grateful Rohana.

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