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Region Bowa Seko

Sefapane is a location in Far Cry 2.

It is located in the north-western sector of the Bowa Seko district. This town is the first you arrive in after entering the Bowa Seko region. It is controlled by the friendly faction.

If you subvert one mission in Bowa Seko, one of the player's buddies and the player must kill everyone in this town after blowing up a garage. This is a good time to retrieve the diamond which is in this town.


  • The town is a ceasefire zone.
  • The town has a few accessible buildings, one of which is a church tower, this tower contains a diamond case and is also an excellent vantage point for sniping, should that be the choice of the player to carry out the assassination missions assigned to this location.
  • During the garage sabotage corrupt mission, there's a hill at the eastern side of the town, that can also be an excellent sniping point to cover your buddy, however it is recommended that you go with a semi-automatic sniper rifle, like the AS50 or the Dragunov SVD, due to the great amount of enemies that will be present during the mission.
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