The Seed Family or The Heralds are a family living in Hope County serving as the antagonists in Far Cry 5.


A family from Hope County and leaders of the cult Project at Eden's Gate. Joseph Seed is the patriarch for the family which he also calls the the heralds.

Family membersEdit

  • Joseph Seed - Patriarch and leader of Project at Eden's Gate. Second oldest of the three brothers.
  • Jacob Seed - An army veteran and the oldest of the siblings. Serves as the cult's recruiter and security head. Controls the Whitetail Mountains.
  • John Seed - The family's lawyer and youngest of the brothers. Serves as the cult's legal head and controls Holland Valley.
  • Faith Seed - Half-sister of the Seed brothers and the youngest sibling. Serves as a "voice" for the cult and controls Henbane River.