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Wildlife: Seagull

"Every night I watch the skies from inside my bunker. They'll come back. If I watch they'll come. I can hear their voices from the sky. Calling out my name. There's the ridge. The guns in the jungle. Screaming. Smoke. The blood. All over my hands."
— Survival Guide

Seagulls are animals in Far Cry 3. They can be found in small groups on beaches and at sea on both Rook Islands

Seagulls can be killed, but cannot be skinned. They can be hard to shoot because of their small size and speed. Seagulls will fly away quickly if Jason gets too close.


  • In some shooting practice missions, seagulls are the targets.
  • When the Seagull is killed by Jason for the first time, it unlocks a rather unique survival guide entry, possibly referring to a Japanese soldier from World War II.

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