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The Scavenger appears in an updated model in Far Cry 4. Now it has doors and is more square than round. The Scavenger has uses the same sounds from Far Cry 3. It is based in North Kyrat and is used by Royal Guards and North Golden Path. It is more durable and agile than the technical, and is much faster off-road, but is slightly slower on roads, and has less space in the truck's bed (for when playing co-op or multiplayer).

They can come equipped with either a mounted MKG, a mounted DShK, or a mounted GL-A87, or no mounted weapons at all. If they do indeed come with a mounted weapon, however, there will be small armor plates on the sides of the bed of the truck, protecting the gunner's sides.

There is a Golden Path livery to it as well as a Royal Guard livery. There is also a civilian model of the truck, though it is very rare and can only be found at a handful of radio towers, and on a couple of roads. The civilian model has either a dark purple, a dark blue, a gray-white, a dark green, a light brown or a solid black paint scheme.

The FC4 Scavengers are based on 1982 Suzuki Jimny SJ410.