The "Sandman" is a Signature Weapon in Far Cry 4. This weapon is a M1911 that has been modified to fit a stealth profile, featuring a suppressor, reflex sight, and tuned internals matching those of a custom built M1911. This weapon also features a subdued camo stripe paint job, to match the stealth build.

This weapon is unlocked through DLC only, and was given as a pre-order bonus, however can still be acquired through purchase of the Far Cry 4:Season Pass.

Primary Role Edit

The primary use for the "Sandman" is as a stealth weapon, designed for close-medium range encounters. It has limited muzzle rise, allowing for fast & accurate follow-up shots. While the base stat accuracy allows it to carry its shots a significant distance, using it as a long range weapon is ill-advised as the screen resolution would make it difficult to correctly aim the weapon.

The Sandman makes efficient use of pistol ammunition, taking an average 1-2 cartridges for each kill.

The best tactic for the efficient utilization of the Sandman weapons system, when taking the primary role into consideration, is close-range single-shot takedown kills. This is best accomplished through hits to the critical target zone of the enemy combatant, normally the head. When dealing with heavy combatants, this weapon is best used in conjunction with a silenced heavy weapon, as multiple shots are required for a neutralization. Other weapon choices are advisable when dealing with heavy combatants.

Secondary Role Edit

While focused towards stealth, the Sandman can also be used as an open combat weapon. Using the Sandman as an open combat weapon is ill-advisable: the suppressor obscures the sight picture for a short duration during combat, causing a disorienting effect and making it difficult to track targets.

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