"The Ministry of Animal Control declares the sambar a large vermin, and encourages the slaughter of these animals. The flesh of the sambar is unhealthy and unwholesome because it rubs itself in its own urine-soaked soil."
— In-game description
Sambar page

A Sambar is an animal that lives in Kyrat in Far Cry 4.


The Sambar is a herbivore, with a diet consisting of a variety of plants and is never found far away from a source of fresh water. The Sambar deer can easily swim with its body fully submerged and only its head above water (Though in game they are found in mountain regions as well).

While Sambar may seem timid at a distance, and will often avoid confrontation, they have been known to act aggressively during mating season. During fights, stags have been known to lock antlers and rut, but have also been known to rise on their hind legs and crash downwards into their opponents.

Female Sambar deer keep in small groups that are often dominated by a single female, similar to an elephant matriarch, with larger groups near large watering holes. Young males group together close to females, however males over six years typically become solitary.

Sambar are fairly shy and are most often, active at twilight or at night (Not shown in game). Sambar are one of the few type of deer that attacks predators. Female Sambar are also incredibly protective of young and will stomp and warn off attackers.


The Sambar have many predators in the Kyrat they include leopards , tigers and wolves. Due to this, and overhunting by man, Sambars have a high mortality rate which mean high reproduction is necessary. Because the Sambar is a key source of food and medical value across Asia, combined with habitat loss and deforestation, there has been a 50% decline over the past couple of years.


The Sambar is flexible in its habitat requirements. It prefers forested landscapes, but it is commonly found near water, where it can forage for water plants.

Jake Solo (talk) 16:00, May 15, 2015 (UTC)

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