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A Safe House in the game

In Far Cry 2 a Safe House is a building that allows the player to be safe from enemies.

Safe Houses can be unlocked one at a time by killing the mercs that are guarding them. Once they are unlocked, the player can enter the Safe House. Inside, the Weapon Crates, which can be purchased at the Weapon Shop, hold whatever weapons that were previously stowed from the Armoury or another Safe House location.

Also, if the player's second-best buddy is not rescue ready, yet, enter a Safe House to meet up with the buddy who will become rescue ready again. Occasionally the player's second-best or best buddy will leave a more advanced weapon in the Safe House, although the weapon will always be rusty.

In Leboa-Sako (Northern District) the safe houses are guarded by two people and there are 20 Safe Houses.

In Bowa Seko (Southern District) the safe houses are guarded by three people and there are 30 Safe Houses.

Upgrades Edit

By completing subverted buddy missions, the current best Buddy will reward the quest's completion by upgrading the player's Safe Houses.

Some of the upgrades in Act I include:

Upgrades in Act II include:

Notes Edit

  • Although you are safe from attacks inside Safe Houses, if you entered a Safe House while enemies are in pursuit of you, they may wait outside and ambush you once you exit.

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