"Picture a lion,then add razor-sharp teeth as long as your hands. If you're still unclear on the concept, don't worry. You'll have a great view right before one eats you."
— Far Cry Primal Homepage
Far cry primal sabertooth

Sabretooths (or Sabertooth Cats) are animals first introduced in Far Cry Primal. They are heavily modeled after the South American species Smilodon populatoralthough the game takes place in Central Europe.


Sabretooths are apex predator-class tamable animals. They are found all across Oros. There are three variants of the Sabretooth: the regular tan, leopard-spotted Sabretooth, the yellow, tiger-striped Flamefang Sabretooth, and the brown, scarred Bloodfang Sabretooth that can be acquired from a Beast Master Hunt. Also near the North, sometimes a you might find a white Sabertooth, which might have the same patterns as the others, but just has white fur. Sabretooths can appear with or without a mane on their back.

For two skill points, the player can unlock a skill in Karoosh's skill tree that allows the player to ride apex predators, that being the Brown bear, the Sabretooth and the Bloodfang Sabretooth.


Two Sabertooths, showing different coloration.


Sabretooths are very hard to hunt. They have 4 Health and do 4 Damage.  Sabretooths are also the fastest predators in Oros. Killing a Sabretooth will yield Sabretooth Tiger Skin, which can be used to upgrade items in the Crafting menu. The Bloodfang Sabretooth has 5 Health and does 5 Damage. As a tamed beast, the Sabretooth has 4 Strength, 5 Speed, and 3 Stealth. The Bloodfang Sabretooth has 5 Strength, 5 Speed, and 3 Stealth.


  • The Sabretooth Tiger is the most powerful carnivore in the game; if one chases you, run in the water. Alternatively, use a burning weapon - unlike the Brown Bear, Cave Bear and Badger, the Sabretooth is afraid of fire.
  • Watch out for its pounce and tame one right away. They are able to climb, so keep that in mind when fleeing their attack. As for the Bloodfang Sabertooth - tame this powerful beast after completing the Bloodfang Sabretooth Hunt and, once tamed, it will never leave your side.
  • Bring along a Cave bear or Great Scar bear as they are the only animals powerful enough to kill a sabretooth unaided.

The Sabretooth Cat roams throughout Oros and is one of the better standard beasts that can be tamed. It has good strength, speed, and stealth. It takes down its prey mercilessly, climbing on top of the bigger predators and bringing them to the ground. Try out a Sabretooth Cat on a hunt or capture and you may never use another beast. This beast is ridable (requires the Beast Rider skill).


To get the Bloodfang Sabretooth, you must hunt it down in the Beast Master Hunt quest. It is a good choice for almost any situation. It isn’t the strongest or stealthiest, it isn’t even the fastest, but it still does a great job in all three areas. It can take down the biggest and strongest foes, chase down most wildlife, and still fight by your side against an enemy tribe—remaining undetected.

The Sabretooth Tiger is undeniably one of the most powerful and deadly predators of Oros, so early players with little progression should avoid these creatures at all costs because they can easily kill you in seconds. If your animal companion is a canine or lesser big cat (dholes, wolves, jaguars, leopards, or cave lions) don't send them to fight against a Sabretooth Cat , for they can easily become the Sabretooth's prey. It would be best to weaken the creature with spears and then send a bear to finish the job.


  • The Bloodfang Sabretooth is the second animal and the first tameable beast the player encounters.
  • In real life, Smilodon, the genus the Sabretooth is based on, did not exist in Central Europe, where the game takes place. However, other species of Sabertooth cats did live in the area, though not necessarily during the game's time period. It is possible that a similar cat, Megantereon (from which the Smilodon evolved) may have survived in Europe and evolved and became larger to hunt the plentiful megafauna of the Pleistocene.
  • The Sabretooths are the fastest animal in the game that can run for a very long time. However, in real life, Smilodon were known not to be very fast at all and would not be able to run for very long due to their robust legs and short tails. This is because they were ambush predators that specialized in taking down larger animals.
  • Unlike other beasts, the Sabretooth is able to carry dead humans and smaller animals in its mouth.
  • Even though the people of Oros refers to it as "Tiger" and even though the game itself refers to them as Sabertooth Tigers, there is no such thing as a Sabertooth Tiger. The correct name for these genre of animals is Sabertooth Cat and there have been many different species, the most famous of whome, and the one on which the game's animal is based on is the Smilodon.
  • It is shown that some Sabretooth Tigers have manes, while others don't. This could possibly mean that those with manes are male while the ones without manes are female, similar to lions.
  • It is belief that Smilodon lived in prides like modern day lions, but in the game they are portrayed as solitary animals. This may be because fighting an entire group of Smilodons would be too difficult for the player.
  • The Sabretooth Tiger and the Cave Bear are the only animals capable of killing a mammoth through scripted animations and Pie.
  • There's only two predators that will confront a Sabertooth. A Cave bear and a Badger. Cave Bears will occasionally clash with Sabertooths. With fights between them going either way. Sabertooths fear badgers and will flee when confronted by one.