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FC3 cutout rifle stgw90
Category Assault Rifle
Price $700 (FC3), K38,000 (FC4)
Ammunition Assault Rifle Rounds
Magazine size 30
Maximum ammo 300
Attachment slots 1
Supported attachments Extended Magazine
Reflex Sight
Red Dot Sight
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"This Swiss-made assault rifle has a higher-than-average rate of fire along with decent accuracy and average damage."
— in-game handbook
"This assault rifle is used by the Swiss Army and exported around the world. Forces in Brazil, India, and even Vatican City use variants of the STG-90, despite the fact that it comes with neither a corkscrew nor a nail clipper."
— Survival Guide

The STG-90 is an assault rifle that appears in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4

This weapon becomes free after deactivating the first Radio Tower. In Far Cry 4, however, it becomes available after liberating five (5) Bell Towers.

It is a good choice for beginners since it has a good rate of fire and accuracy but does lack in damage. It can be equipped with any one of - Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight or Extended Magazine. In Far Cry 4 it becomes the superior Assault rifle for much of the game despite only being able to have one accessory.  With the optical sight it is an excellent precision weapon and with the extended magazine becomes the best early/mid game option for stealth players that want high mobility and firepower should they have to "go loud".  With the extended mag it makes a decent LMG substitute and the very audible low ammo sound is very handy in a tight fight.


The STG-90 is unlocked right away for class customization. It supports up to two of the following attachments:

  • Reflex Sight
  • Extended Magazine
  • Reduced Recoil Rounds (level 3)
  • Red Dot Sight (level 5)
  • Sound Suppressor (level 7)
  • Steel Core Rounds (level 9)
  • Marksman Sight (level 10)
  • Optical Sight (level 11)
  • Heavy Barrel (level 13)
  • Hot Rounds (level 15)

Far Cry 4 Edit

STG90 Shop
Category Assault Rifle
Ammunition Assault Rifle Rounds
Attachment slots 1
Supported attachments Holo Sight, Extended mag

The STG-90 returns in Far Cry 4. However, in Far Cry 4 it's improved considerably over its previous incarnation. It is the second most accurate non signature assault rifle in the game,beating out even the MS16 in this regard. Contrary to the stat charts that claim this weapons damage is on par to the MS16 and out damages the AK47, The STG-90 is actually the weakest of the 3. In Game testing reveals that the STG90 requires 1 more shot to kill enemies compared to the AK47 and the MS16 requires 1 less shot than the AK.


  • The STG-90, despite it causing low damage, can quickly kill a player in multiplayer using a quarter of a magazine.
  • Many players actually prefer this weapon over the AK-47 during the early part of the game, despite the lower damage, because of better accuracy and the ability to attach a red dot sight.
  • The official Swiss Army short for this weapon is STGW, not STG.
  • The internal mechanics of the STG-90 are a redesign of the famous AK 47.
  • STG is short for "Sturmgewehr" meaning "assault rifle" in German, 90 stands for the year the rifle was first bought by the Swiss Army (1990).
  • In the Italian and French speaking part of Switzerland the STG-90 is known as Fass 90 meaning the same as in German (French: Fusil d'assaut, Italian: Fucile d'assalto).
  • The variant in the game is actually a SIG 553 SB with a Picatinny rail, while the original STG-90 is a SIG 550, with a considerably longer barrel, and no rails.
  • It also appears to have a front grip attached to it but it cannot be detached.

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