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The SPAS-12 is a shotgun featured in Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3, and Far Cry 4

Far Cry 2 Edit

Damage Low — High (depending on how many pellets connect)
Magazine Size 12
Maximum Ammunition 12+60 or 12+? with shotgun bandolier upgrade
Price 10 Diamond
Reliability upgrade 3 Diamond
Accuracy upgrade 3 Diamond
Ammunition upgrade 10 Diamond
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The SPAS-12 first appears in Far Cry 2, as a primary weapon.


The SPAS-12 is a pump-action or semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun designed by Franchi. While  popular with law-enforcement or military forces, the SPAS-12 is more often found in movies. In Far Cry 2, the SPAS is on semi-automatic mode.


The SPAS can be purchased after completing the third convoy mission in Act 1, or at the beginning of Act 2. This shotgun starts to appear in enemies' hands near the second half of Act 1, and eventually becomes a very common weapon. When in the hands of enemies, this weapon can become a downright annoyance, as it is capable of killing the player extremely quickly. If you notice that the enemies are wielding the SPAS-12, it is a good idea to fall back and use a longer-ranged weapon to kill them from a distance.


The SPAS-12 is a much better choice for fighting multiple targets at close range than the Homeland 37 due to its semi-automatic nature. A fully loaded SPAS can clear out a room full of enemies with ease. Whenever there is a chance, make sure to reload; despite its large capacity of 12 shells, these rounds can quickly disappear if not paying attention.

SPAS-12s have the lowest effective range of all the shotguns, due to very high pellet spread. Owning a handgun, machine pistol, or machine gun is necessary to offset the SPAS's lack of range.

Its reliability is average. While it will not rust up within a few shots, it is not a weapon that can be used for most of a mission without it getting extremely rusty. It can be hauled around for long trips before it fails, but you should try to grab a new one from an armoury if given the opportunity.

Multiplayer Edit

The Spas-12 is stronger than all the shotguns in-game, however it's poor range means that the player has to be within 5-8 feet in order to cause any damage to their enemy. It is the second most used shotgun in multiplayer. The most used shotgun is the 1887, due to its far superior range and acceptable damage compared to the SPAS-12.

Far Cry 3 Edit


(FC3) SPAS-12 Icon

FC3 cutout shotgun spas12
Category Shotgun
Price $1600
Ammunition Shotgun Shells
Magazine size 7
Maximum ammo 50
Attachment slots 2
Supported attachments Extended Magazine
Night Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Sight
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"This Italian semi-automatic shotgun can be fired quickly, but requires the user to be more diligent with their aim than other shotguns."
— in-game handbook
"This Italian semi-automatic shotgun is one of the few weapons on Rook Island that was imported legitimately. SPAS-12s were used by private security forces hired by the mining corporations that set up shop in the 1980s. When the mining companies fell apart, it was cheaper to abandon these weapons rather than shipping them back overseas."
— Survival Guide

The SPAS-12 is a combat shotgun that appears in Far Cry 3, which has changed the shotgun's appearance. The shotgun is now slightly enlarged, and it lacks the folding stock from Far Cry 2. And it now has a shorter barrel. other than that, it is the Far Cry 3 version of the SPAS-12.

This weapon becomes free after deactivating 13 Radio Towers.

It can only be obtained when the player reaches the Southern Island. The SPAS-12 has stats similar to the other shotguns, but fires much quicker due to it being semi-automatic. This gives it an edge over the other weapons in its category, since the loss of accuracy is not significant if it is used at close range.

A superb weapon to deal with annoying animals like Rabid Dogs, Dingoes, and Cassowarys.


Far Cry 4 Edit

Category Shotgun
Price TBD
Ammunition Shotgun Rounds
Magazine size 7
Maximum ammo 70
Attachment slots 2
Supported attachments Night Sight, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight, Extended Mag

Unlocked through the main quest line progress. It should be noted that, although it has a higher fire rate than other shotguns, it still takes a long time to reload completely. Overall, it is a good choice if the player wants a shotgun in their armory. The extended magazine (longer firing time before reloading) and the reflex sight (provides a good reticle) are recommended.


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  • The SPAS-12 is Manufactured by the Italian company Franchi SpA, its name stands for 'Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun' (SPAS).
  • It is one of the few weapons in Far Cry 3 that appears with its manufacturer designation.
  • When shooting the floor by the testing unit facility it shoots 2 shells for one shot.

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