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The Ingram MAC-10, known as the MAC-10 in Far Cry 2 and the SMG-11 in Far Cry 5, is a rapid-fire machine pistol.

Far Cry 2Edit

The MAC-10 appears in Far Cry 2.

Having a rapid-fire, decent accuracy, and low damage, the MAC-10 is useful as a sidearm to those who favor sniper rifles and other weapons less-useful at close-range. However, the MAC-10 is woefully inadequate at anything beyond close-range, meaning that it lacks the mid-range capability of an assault rifle. When used with a long-range weapon such as a sniper like the SVD, it is advised to either close the gap when an enemy is at mid-range, or fall back to long range.

The MAC-10 will degrade fairly quickly after use, meaning a fresh one should be picked up any time the player visits a store.

It is used by many enemies until Act 2, when it is replaced by the Uzi.

Enemies that use long-range or heavy weapons such as the M1903 or RPG-7 will have a MAC-10 as a fallback weapon for close-range.

From full condition, the MAC-10 will begin to jam between the 360th and 560th shots, and will break completely around 750th round fired.


Far Cry 5Edit

“This subcompact machine pistol will burn through bullets faster than a fake news story gets shared.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The SMG-11 as it appears in Far Cry 5 is a sidearm-capable machine pistol. Due to the smaller size, it is one of only a handful of non-pistol weapons that can be used in the slot, such as the D2, M-79, A99, and Skorpion.

The SMG-11 uses sub-machine gun rounds, and can be fired in semi-automatic or automatic - a plus over the 3-round burst and automatic-only Skorpion, and automatic-only A99.

The SMG-11 can be fitted with a suppressor, extended magazine, optical sight, and a weapon skin. An additional green camouflage skin can be unlocked by completing the mission Patriot Acts for Willis Huntley.



  • The MAC-10 in Far Cry 2 is slightly oversized.
  • When in a safe area in Far Cry 2, the threaded barrel can be seen that would allow the weapon to be fitted with the unique MAC-10 suppressor, despite it not being available in the game.
  • Like the Uzi, the MAC-10 in the real world features and open-bolt design, while the in-game variant has a closed-bolt.
  • The MAC-10 in Far Cry 2 uses the real-life designation of the weapon, while the Far Cry 5 variant uses the standard Ubisoft gun naming also used in Ghost Recon, Watch_Dogs, and Rainbow Six to name a few.
  • The Far Cry 5 variant is based on the SWD M11/9, a clone of the MAC-11. The rear sight has been cut down from a circle to a notch and markings on the body indicate it fires 9mm rounds. The firing selector is always set to semi-auto.

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