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“Keep the running dead at range (and downwind) and drop them fast.”
Data Console

“These infected scientists are amped on dragon’s blood, turning them into enraged monsters with enhanced strength. To kill a running dead quickly, shoot 'em in the head.”
Enemy description

The Running Dead is an enemy in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. They are similar to Beheaders from Far Cry 3 and will charge relentlessly at you with a machete while ignoring cover. They occasionally may strafe side to side when under fire. They are easy to kill due to their rushing tactics, but a group can overwhelm you. Using an explosive weapon is helpful when clearing groups, or you can jump onto an unreachable area and pick them off one by one.

Most Running Dead are equipped with Dragon blades, but a few carry shotguns or Molotox cocktails. They begin to appear in small numbers across the island, usually near campsites or ancient ruins, after the completion of the quest "I Don't Deal With Psychos, I Put Them Down."

Running Dead have more than twice as much health as Omega Force soldiers, requiring 13 torso shots from the unupgraded Fazertron to kill. However, they are extremely vulnerable to headshots, and can be killed with a single headshot from any weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • The Running Dead are an obvious reference to the TV Show "The Walking Dead", and the "Running" part is a nod to the 2004 film "Dawn of The Dead" which features running Zombies.

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