Royal Radio is one of the two radio stations in Far Cry 4. It transmits propaganda music from Pagan Min. When Bell Towers aren't liberated, this radio station will cover areas that aren't covered by hijacked towers. It plays old march music from the WWII Soviet and German era of march music. Also the same broadcaster will announce on the radio too, and she will say the exact same lines as she does at each of the Bell Towers. When you hijack a Bell Tower propaganda system, the radio will be replaced with Radio Free Kyrat.

Music tracks Edit

  1. Gagarin. -by Gerhard Trede.
  2. Military March. -by Francis Shaw.
  3. Preussians Gloria. or Preussians Glory -by Mountain Division.
  4. Wien Bleibt Wien. -by Blasorchester Hanns Steinkopf.
  5. Middle Eastern March. -by Gerhard Trede.
  6. Moscow Parade. -by Gerhard Trede.
  7. Soviet March. -by Francis Shaw.

Trivia Edit

  • Sometimes, Rabi Ray Rana has somehow gotten into the radio, by hacking in to the Propaganda systems. This can be heard during the start of the storyline and after several events.
  • When destroying Propaganda Centers, radio and the broadcasts will not be affected.
  • Like RFK, music will be randomly played, as well as switching vehicles.
  • Despite being old march music, the actually only one that "old" is the "Prussians Gloria" created in 1871, and Wien Bleibt Wien from 1889. Gagarin, Middle Eastern March, and Moscow Parad were made a few years before Gerhard Trede's death in 1996. The youngest track is Military March which was made in the 2000's.
  • Wien Bleibt Wien (track 4) plays more rarely than the other tracks, for unknown reasons.
  • Pagan Min will announce several events, such as liberating outposts, kidnapping or killing Paul "De Pleur" Harmon, the death of Yuma Lau.
  • The more outposts you liberate, the angrier will Pagan Min be, telling that he is disappointed with the Royal Army's and Guards performance to defend the outposts. After lasts outpost, he simply announces that he don't even care, and that Kyrat is no longer safe from the Golden Path and no one can protect the peoples from animal attacks.

Videos Edit

Royal Radio Far Cry 4 Reuploaded!!07:19

Royal Radio Far Cry 4 Reuploaded!!

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