Royal Guard Hunter: They have some armor unlike regular hunters making them somewhat tougher to kill. They use Recurve Bows and are more accurate then the Royal Army Hunters. Like Royal Army Hunters, they also use whistles to communicate and can also charm animals. They appear to be more heavily armored, and better equipped, sporting a high-tech bow, body armor, and military apparel (camo hood and gloves, sidearm holster). They also seem to coordinate much better with other allies (of theirs) than the royal army ones do (the royal army Hunters are sort of lone wolves, and really only coordinate with other hunters).

However, they are much rarer than the Royal Army variant, as they can only be found at one or two of the northern outposts, at no fortresses, and only on a handful of missions (such as Payback), making the only reliable way of finding them through certain Karma events or random encounters.

Quotes Edit

Like the Royal Army Hunter, the Royal Guard Hunter will whisper too, such like this.

  • "He is not far, I can smell him" -When Searching for the player.
  • "He must be around here somewhere" -When Searching for the player.
  • "Hey?" -When hear strange sound
  • "Hold on, Hold On!!" -before his death while Takedown.

Trivia Edit

  • The Royal Guard Hunters seem to be the only part of the Royal Guard who are from Kyrat, however they have the voice of Royal Guards.
  • They have a more militarized appearance than the Royal Army Hunters, suggesting that they not only have better gear, but also are in more contact with civilization (the Royal Army variants appear to be more rustic, and probably live in a more secluded environment in order to hone their skills with wildlife and their style of fighting).
  • The Royal Guard Hunters do not appear in the map editor.

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