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Royal Guard Heavy Flamer: Heavily armored units wielding Flamethrowers.

They are incredibly dangerous at close range, setting the player and everything around them on fire. They are still vulnerable to headshots, however. Shooting them enough times in the head will cause them to lean over in pain, allowing you to easily finish them off with a continued barrage. They also have another key weak spot, however, in the tank on their backs. Shooting the tank will cause it to detonate, killing the Flamer and setting everything around the explosion on fire. Like the Heavy Gunners, they are slow, and the player can sneak behind them and shoot the tank or kill them with a knife. They are arguably the most dangerous enemy in the game, though only out to around 50 meters or so, as anything further away, they will be completely unable to come even close to, and they will not be able to effectively attack the player outside of 25-30 meters (flamethrower distance + afterwards fire). Unlike the variant from the previous game, this one's suit actually functions properly, and will protect them from fire, making them outright immune to fire damage, although their tanks will slowly be damaged by fire. One arrow through their mask's face area can take them down, although this is unreliable, and should only be attempted if the player is in stealth and cannot get within takedown range, lacking a silenced high-damage sniper rifle.

This enemy is slightly weaker than the Royal Guard Heavy Gunner, but it will take most of your ammo from MG42 and MKG to take him out.

Quotes Edit

  • "Burn, Sek Si" (When firing at Enemies)
  • "Burn, Burn, Ahahaaaa" (When firing at Enemies)
  • "I'm gonna roast you like a goat" (When firing at Enemies)
  • "Gonna cook you alive" (When firing at Enemies)
  • "I'm gonna cook you, in your own juices" (When firing at Enemies)
  • "I wanna hear your Flashito"
  • "Ashes to Ashes pok gai"
  • "He's not alone, find them!"
  • "Welcome to hell!" (When firing at Enemies)
  • "You hide, I seek" (When searching for enemies)
  • "Ardinup Ahahahaa"
  • "Hmmm Fresh meat" -when noticing the player.
  • "You won't get away" -When searching for the player.
  • "Pok gai, I will find you!" -When searching for the player.
  • "Put you in my oven!"
  • "I better not find you!" -When searching for the player.
  • "Scream for me!"


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