Royal Guard Charger: These enemies wield the BZ19 sub machine gun, allowing them to fight from a greater distance than Berserkers. They are still just as aggressive though, and will charge the player without seeking cover. Like Army Berserkers, they should be taken out before they can reach close range. A charger can dodge some gunfire by rolling and will rush the player by throwing a smoke grenade to hide his movements. Unlike royal army Berserkers (their lower-tier counterparts), they are very common, nearly as much so as Assaulters and Defenders, especially during outposts and fortresses, after the player has chosen to allow for the alarm to be raised. Rather than do one big hit of massive damage (like berserkers do), they instead quickly chip away at the player's health. Then will also occasionally roll to the side, in order to avoid gunfire, though not when charging directly at the player.

Trivia Edit

  • It seems that the Chargers' teeth are rather rotten, possibly implying that they don't care about their health.

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