Sniper: Soldiers armed with Sniper Rifles, who prefer to fight at a distance. They are usually located on the roofs of buildings or on some sort of elevated terrain to give them an advantage. It is advised to take out Snipers first when attacking an Outpost/Fortress, as their ability to see further than regular troopers makes them dangerous. Like Rocket soldiers, Snipers have powerful weaponry, but take time to aim and line up their shots. A red laser sight on the sniper's weapon reveals their location, allowing the player to locate them, and know what areas to avoid to stay undetected. Getting to cover is the best course of action when fighting them, but running fast and erratically can help as well. Again, like Rocket soldiers, they will switch to a submachine gun if encountered at close range.

Trivia Edit

  • They have a Lieutenant Variant, who has to be killed and the player have to take his documents. They have red camo instead of Urban Camo.

Gallery Edit

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