Molotov Cocktail (A.K.A. Molotov Thrower or Pyro): Enemies armed with molotov cocktails, which they will constantly lob at the player. They may seem drunk at times, but they are as alert as a regular assaulter. Molotov units can be dangerous in the right circumstances due to their ability to set an area on fire, flushing the player out of cover or creating a dangerous environment. However, they have a tendency to set their allies on fire with their poor aim, and shooting their chest will cause their cocktails to explode, setting them and nearby opponents on fire. It is important to kill them quickly, and before they get into close range, as shooting them at close range can end up setting the player on fire. They do wield an 1911 pistol, but never use it in combat, they have a nappy African looking hairstyle, reminding some sort of the same as the Far Cry 3 Pirate Molotov Thrower.

Quotes Edit

  • "Have a drink!" -When throwing Molotov.
  • "Molotov out!" -When throwing Molotov.
  • "Huarh!" -When throwing Molotov.
  • "Hiah" -When throwing Molotov.
  • "You gonna burn!" -When throwing Molotov.
  • "This one is for free!"-When throwing Molotov.
  • "I am gonna burn you alive!" -When throwing Molotov. (Somehow also used by other Royal Army soldier except Heavy Gunner)

Trivia Edit

  • He is most active near Varshakot at the southeast of Kyrat. but will sometimes appear at the north of Southern Kyrat.


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