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Hunters are stealthy Royal Army members who are specialized in wilderness combat. They can be differentiated from common enemies by their thin layers of clothing and the hoods they don on their head. They are armed with bows and can also charm wildlife into attacking the player. They are invisible on the minimap, will only remain highlighted for a brief amount of time (or as long as the effect of the hunter syringe lasts), and communicate via bird chirpings, making them hard to pin down. Also, when they see the player, the detection meter does not appear, meaning they can easily surprise the player (but they usually begin to chirp when this happens). This, combined with their ability to see through foliage, makes them dangerous opponents who can easily catch the player off guard by attacking from unexpected angles. However, Hunters are very weak and are easily brought down by gunfire when they are spotted. They also have a tendency to miss their first arrow shot, allowing an observant player to pinpoint their location. In combat, they tend to use fire-tipped arrows to deal more damage and force the player and allies out of cover.

In stealth, it is recommended to kill them first, as they can both easily detect the player, and they prevent the use of animals as possible distractions/weapons. Once they are eliminated however, the player will have a much easier time stealthing their objective. In loud gameplay, make sure to always target them first, along with snipers, as they are capable of surprising the player, as well as killing allies very easily, This can be especially dangerous if he player's strategy relies heavily on animals and/or AI allies. They can also nullfy pseudo-stealth (AKA half-stealth or guerilla) tactics, as they can spot players before they can have enemies lose sight of them. They can also spot you through brush, so that only buildings and such make effective cover.

They appear after the first "Amita or Sabal" mission, and will be frequent at the outposts in the northern part of southern Kyrat, as well as in the mid-southern part of Kyrat . They will be frequent throughout the midgame.

Quotes Edit

In spite of their stealth, hunters will whisper or silently speak various phrases:

  • "Attract still fear games, than this." -When hear strange noise.
  • "Hmm must be a clue here, somewhere." -When hear strange noise.
  • "You can hide a footprint, but not the trail of scent." -When searching for the player
  • "His footprints will betray him." -When searching for the player
  • "Everything leaves a trace." -When searching for the player
  • "He left an impression, now to follow the path." -When searching for the player

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