Army Heavy

Heavy Gunner: Heavy Gunners are the walking tanks of the Royal Army. They never take cover, instead relying on their tough body armor to soak up damage as they advance towards their target. They are equipped with PKM's, allowing them to shred the player's health quickly. Their main weakness is their head. Enough shots to the head will knock the Gunner's helmet off, allowing them to be finished off with a single head-shot.

Their helmets do not have to be removed to achieve a head-shot. A well placed round or arrow to the back of their helmets will dispatch them quickly and quietly. They are very slow, so running away from them could be an option if overwhelmed. Once the Heavy Beatdown skill is unlocked, they can be killed with a Takedown, provided the player is able to sneak up on them or jump on them from above.

Quotes Edit

They will say things like

  • "Is that an arrow? What do you think I am, a pig? That won't kill me!" -When shot at with a bow
  • "Is that a knife? C'mon you can do better than that," -When a throwing knife fails to kill them.
  • "You can't kill me bro, I'm invincible!" -When attacked.
  • "Oh no! Oh Shit!" -When a take down is performed.
  • "You die where you stand" -When noticing the player.
  • "This is your time to die" -When noticing the player.
  • "Are you getting scared yet??" -When shooting at enemies.
  • "HAHAHAA I'm invincible" -When shooting at enemies.
  • "I am invincible!" -when shooting at enemies.
  • "Haha, you cant never hurt me" -When shooting at enemies.
  • "My God" -When noticing the player.
  • "What was that??" -When hear strange sounds.
  • "Are you firing blank??" -When player miss shooting him.
  • "You're already dead, you just don't know it yet" -When searching for the player, or firing at enemies.
  • "Hmmmmm??" -When hear strange sounds.
  • "Look it out, I think I lost him" -When loosing the player
  • "I'm going to ventilate your skull." -When shooting at enemies
  • "I've must be hearing things" -When hear strange sounds.
  • "What's that??" -When hear strange sounds.
  • "Hahaha can You run out my gun?" -When noticing the player.
  • "Uuuuhhhhh!" -When noticing the player.
  • "Huhhm" -When idle
  • "We lost him, start looking for him" -When loosing the player
  • "Hahaha Your'e pathetic!" -When shooting at enemies.
  • "Fuck so many bodies!" -When noticing dead Royal Army or Royal Guard.
  • "I will have my revenge!" -When searching for the player

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