Beheader (A.K.A. Charger): Crazed, bloodthirsty psychopaths who have somehow ended up in the Royal Army ranks. Beheaders charge their opponents armed with only a knife. As they lack armor of any sort, they can be killed easily with any weapon, although they have the potential to catch the player off guard. Keep an ear out for their crazed speech to know if a Beheader is in the area. They run in straight lines towards the player very often, making killing them that much easier. They also use throwing knives, but that is their only ranged attack option. Curiously, they do have 1911 handguns (as illustrated by the handgun takedown), but they never seem to use them in combat.

Quotes Edit

Like the rest of the Royal Army, the Chargers/Beheaders will yell when chasing the player, they yell things like:

  • "Yaaarrgghhh I see you!!!"
  • "I'm going to leave you here, in a pile of parts!!!"
  • "I'm gonna serve a piece of you, to each of my children!!!"
  • "Yaaarrgghhh this is my blade!!!"
  • "I'm gonna sever your head for dinner!!!
  • "Time to bleed!!"
  • "Let's see how sharp my knife is!!!"
  • "Let's see how sharp my knife really is!!!"
  • "I have drawn my blade, now I must draw your blood!!!"
  • "I'm gonna cut you like an animal!!!"
  • "Yaaarrrggghhh you're dead!!"
  • "Kiss. My. Blade!!"
  • "Hahaha. I have sharpen this blade, just for you!!"

Trivia Edit

  • During the mission "Don't Look Down", several Beheaders can be encountered.
    • While hallucinated, you can speak to a Charger who is sitting and cutting himself with his knife, explaining how he became mad in the Prison of Durgesh.
    • A Rakshasa Butcher, is chasing a Charger and later slices him to death.
    • When you have to make a Grappling Hook, you need to take the rope a place were a Charger has been hung to death.
    • At the Durgesh Prison Working Camp below the Prison itself, a dead Charger has been punished to death by Throwable Knifes.

Gallery Edit

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