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A Robo Dog attacking

"We’re pretty sure somebody thought to themselves that the only thing that would make man’s best friend even better was if it could dispose of its own waste. The robo-dog is the next best thing, with implants to stop it from taking a dump in the first place. Where the poop goes, nobody knows, but it could explain why robo-dogs are so aggressive all the time."
— Data Console
"Bioengineered from the mad mind of scientists, these dogs are extremely aggressive and have been trained to kill on sight. Their enhance senses allow them to detect anyone who tries to sneak around."
— Enemy description

The Robo Dog is an animal in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and the equivalent of the Dingo in Far Cry 3.

While it can be found in the wild, it is generally used by Omega Force to attack Sergeant Rex "Power" Colt.

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