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Reputation is a stat in Far Cry 2. Unlike most stats in the game, reputation has an effect on the world around the player.

Description and EffectsEdit

Reputation is a "passive" but notable statistic. Each time the player completes a faction mission, whether it be done through the Buddy's way or not, their reputation increases. There are five levels of reputation, and they each have noticeable effects: Initially, the player character starts off with a low reputation. Soldiers in ceasefire zones will often harshly remind him of the rules, will make snide remarks as he passes by, threatens the player if he walks into a restricted area, and even pushes him should the player agitate a soldier. When in combat, enemies will chatter amongst themselves as to who the player character may be, and goad him into revealing himself. With a higher reputation, soldiers in ceasefire zones will be much friendlier and lenient with the player character, often greeting him. In combat, enemies will begin to become flustered and scared, even going as far as to break down and fear for their lives.

Except for Buddy Missions, side missions do not increase reputation. After the completion of Act I, the player starts off with 0 reputation and has to regain it through completing missions in Act II.


In a Ceasefire ZoneEdit

  • (Low reputation) "This area is under ceasefire do not piss about..."
  • (Low reputation) "Piss off."
  • (High reputation) "Hello mate."
  • (High reputation) "I don't have to remind you of the rules here mate?"

In CombatEdit

  • (Low reputation) "I seen you! You ain't nothing! And I'm going to make your whole life worse than nothing! Come and get it you piece of shit!"
  • (Low reputation) "Who is this guy? CIA? KGB? I've never heard of him!"
  • (High reputation) "Oh God! We're all gonna die!"
  • (High reputation) "Shit! It's him!"

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