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A Boar Relic, one of 120 found around the isles

“The Rakyat people have placed, lost, or left behind many relics across the island over the years. Finding them all will be a test of skill and commitment.”
Survival Guide

Relics are collectible items found in Far Cry 3.

Not much is known about them, however the native islanders revere them. They were once made by the tribals but now the natives use them as decoration and family heirlooms. Relics can be found in ancient ruins, under or above water, and in houses or buildings, graveyards or at shrines.

There are four types of Relics:

FC3 cutout relic shark

  • Shark Relics are found primarily, but not always, in or near water.
    Underwater Relics: These relics can be found underwater in the ocean, rivers, or even behind waterfalls.
FC3 cutout relic spider

  • Spider Relics require the player to search for them, as these relics are not in the open.
    Hidden Relics: These relics are often located in hard-to-find places throughout the island.
FC3 cutout relic heron

  • Heron Relics are found in high elevated areas, that may or may not require a Hang Glider/Wingsuit or Zipline to access them.
    Unreachable Relics: These relics can be hard to reach on foot. Look for ziplines or gliders nearby to attain them.
FC3 cutout relic goat

  • Boar Relics requires a wall to be destroyed to access them, or they can be found in areas that mainly use explosives (like mining camps and excavation sites).
    Destruction Relics: These relics will require an explosive charge to find.


Tribal Chant

Tribal Chant

  • 10 Relics = Bull (Signature M133)
  • 20 Relics = AMR (Signature Z93)
  • 30 Relics = Recipe (Untouchable)
  • 40 Relics = Recipe (Touch of Death)
  • 60 Relics = Achievement/Trophy/Uplay Award
    (Relics past the 60 mark complete the player's Tatau.)
  • 120 Relics = Finished tatau (only if all skills/perks are acquired)