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Wildlife: Red-headed Vulture

“The red-headed vultures on Rook Island mostly come from Singapore and are harmless. But if you see one asking for my alimony check, shoot on sight.”
Survival Guide

Red-headed Vultures are a species of animals that are included in the Predator DLC Pack for Far Cry 3.

They can be found flying above the Rook Islands. Unlike other animals from the Predator Pack DLC, they are not hostile to Jason or any other human. Red-headed Vultures have low health and can be shot with any weapon. To save ammo and make killing them easier, wait for a vulture to land on the ground.

Location Edit

These will usually be found near the top of mountains, where by day Vultures are already gliding. The Red-headed Vulture will more likely be on ground though, and the player's approach will scare them into flight. Between the Outposts Hubris Farm and Cradle Gas (central North Island) on a local mountain near a Glider you should be able to encounter the Red-headed Vulture.