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Recurve Bow Predator

(FC3) Recurve Bow Icon

FC3 cutout bow
Category Special
Price ???
Ammunition Arrows, Fire Arrows, and/or Explosive Arrows
Magazine size 1
Maximum ammo 30
Attachment slots 1
Supported attachments Marksman sight and Red dot sight (same as Recurve bow)
"Recurve Bow. Reserved for the most elite hunters, this heavy bow is slow to draw but has long range."
— in-game description
"This modified recurve bow performs like any other recurve bow with a little added extra. So this is the ultimate bow, approved by Peter Pan himself. Peter Pan Drummond, the gun's manufacturer."
— Survival Guide

The Recurve Bow Predator is a weapon in Far Cry 3.


  • Available after reaching Level 75 (Multiplayer only).

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