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The Rebel Assaulter is a type of Rakyat warrior in Far Cry 3.

They are friendly towards the player and are commonly seen attacking Pirates or Privateers (depending on how many Outposts Jason has liberated). When an Outpost is captured, regardless of how it was captured, a group of Rebel Assaulters and Rebel Defenders will arrive to reinforce the Outpost.


  • The Rebels are just as reckless as any other faction assaulter in the game, meaning they will sometimes live or sometimes die if the player chooses to help them or not.
  • They wear no armour so make sure to protect them if they are supposed to protect you at some point.
  • Berserkers, Molotov Throwers, Heavy Gunners and Chargers are their primary weaknesses. Try to avoid that by killing off the tougher foes for your Rebel friends.
  • Both the Assaulter and the Defender fire from the hip, making their accuracy poor. This hip fire method is also used by the Pirates.
  • If You Help Them In A Gun Fight With Pirates/Privateers They Will Reward you With $200